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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

In honor of Earth Day, we found it only fitting to share tips on how to throw an Eco-Friendly event.

1. Invitations- If planning an informal party, then we suggest sending an internet-based invitation from websites such as Evite. This will reduce the amount of paper being used at your event. However, if throwing a more formal event or prefer paper invitations find recycled paper to print your invites or any paper decoration on.

2. Catering- If you’re planning to be the host and chef, plan organic food items from your own garden or local farmers market. If cooking isn’t your forte, then find a caterer with a farm to table business plan.

3. Venue- The best type of venue for any Eco-friendly wedding is utilizing outdoor space and natural light (great for digital photography). If you feel an indoor space is needed, find local museums and art galleries.

4. Centerpieces- This is a great opportunity to reuse old vases and wine bottles laying around the house. Find flowers from your garden or local farmers market for an Eco-friendly centerpiece. Another great option is planting flowers or herbs in pots and use for your party decor, then a party favor! Lastly, find vintage fabrics from local thrift store to create runners and banners for additional decorations.

5. Table Setting- Always use real stemware, if available. Buying additional paper and plastic is not sustainable. If needed, find biodegradable plates and stemware available at most party stores and can definitely be bought online

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