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Top 5 most desirable wedding gifts

Top 5 most desirable wedding gifts

Classic Gifts to Give the Bride and Groom

1) Coffee Maker Keurig Coffee - $85

Everyone always needs a cup of coffee to wake them up in the morning. Whether you just want to kick back and relax with your significant other with some great tunes or if you are on the go, making a quick cup of coffee is convenient way to get through the day. Keurig’s are the perfect gift because of their efficiency. It appeases all audiences, whether you just need one cup, or if you’re brewing for the whole family. A Keurig will work for any, and all scenarios to start a perfect morning.

2) Wine Basket - $60

A wine basket is a wonderful gift to send the newly weds off with to their romantic honey moon! The gift is not only aesthetically pleasing, with its accommodation of a cute basket, but it is also affordable, and thoughtful. Hand picking wines can show truly how much you know about a bride or groom enhance a romantic night. They have choices of a Merlot, Cabernets, or a mixed blend. This is a gift that is creative and can be tons of fun with due to its endless possibilities.

3) Dining Set - $70

New silverware, cups, and plates are a necessity for a new couple’s home. This is something simple and easy you can provide for the bride and groom. You can go with something classy and elegant such as white plates with fine designs. However, you could get a vibrant and colorful set as well! It is up you to decide the type of theme and style the couple would like. After all the strenuous planning the bride and groom have endured, they will be relieved to have a gift like this checked off their registry!

4) Kitchen Blender $50 - $100

A kitchen blender is a much-needed appliance. These pitchers are for blending or pureeing any type of fruit or vegetable. Smoothies, protein shakes, juice blends are yummy drinks to whip up in the kitchen! You would be satisfied to see how thankful the couple will be when they open up this gift.

5) Amazon Echo Dot Black– Smart speaker with Alexa - $49.99

This new and upcoming technology is made to be user friendly and easy. This compact sized speaker is crisp and can be heard at any area of the house. This product is perfect to help keep you organized, entertained, and informed. It can be used for listening to music such as Pandora, Spotify, or audio book. The loving couple can talk to ‘Alexa’ to get any updates on current events. They can even ask it any pressing questions they may have because it is connected through WiFi.

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