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PSA: Why To Hire A Wedding Planner!

Tis the season for engagements and the start of wedding planning! As the holidays have calmed down, there has been a spike in the amount of people looking to start planning their big day! Beginning to plan becomes a huge time commitment. There are a million things that must get done, from booking a venue, to picking out every detail of the décor. Lucky for you guys, we’re here to assist.

Some people feel as though hiring a wedding planner, whether it be full service or day of, is just a luxury they either can’t afford, or something they just don’t want to spend the extra money on. However, we wanted to offer some information up in case you were unaware of or just didn’t realize all the benefits that can actually come from hiring a wedding planner.

The stress… need we say more?

The amount of stress that a planner can take from you & your loved ones is insurmountable. Seriously. Planning a wedding is extremely time consuming. Hiring a planner allows you to take some of those responsibilities off your plate so you can enjoy the process a little more. Long gone are the days where mom is running all over the place and auntie is setting up the decorations on wedding day. Hiring a planner not only takes the stress off you, but can relieve the stress of those closest to you who would otherwise oversee wedding day duties.

Insider Tips and Tricks

Another reason to hire a planner is because they have insider tips and tricks. They regularly work with vendors – your florists, DJ’s, caterers, hair stylists, photographers… the list goes on. Not only would your planner be able to recommend some of the best vendors, but you can also trust that the communication and relationship needed to make your big day run smoothly is in fact there and already established.

Your Vision is our vision

Now that Pinterest is around, most brides get there “pinspiration” from there. However, hiring a planner can expose you to new and unique ideas that aren’t out there for all of the internet to see. A planner can take your dream and vision and turn it into your reality, stress free! There is no better feeling than knowing someone else is willing to do the work and brainstorm ideas that fit your style.

The big “B” word… Budget

Wedding planners are also great at helping you pick your budget and sticking to it. They can help you look at your numbers more closely and offer advice on ways to get the most out of your money. There are also times that a planner knows which discounts are offered that you wouldn’t know to ask about on your own. Big City Bride planner, Susan Cordogan said, “We recently had a bride who wanted bagpipers and we just did her day of coordination so we learned that she spent over $1,000 on five bagpipers and bagpipers are so loud you only need one. We could have saved her $800 in that small decision. Even small decisions can add up to big savings when you have a planner who knows what they're doing.”

We will be there every step of the way

Whether you hire a planner for full services, or just day-of coordination, you better believe that we will be there every step of the way. The last thing you want is to have to juggle all the details while trying to celebrate and visit with your guests. Your planner will take all of that off your shoulders and better yet, off any of your guests’ shoulders (like your mom, aunt, sister) who it would otherwise fall on. Planners are there for every question, problem, tricky situation, freak outs, and so much more. We have had so many brides and grooms tell us “we haven’t even looked at the clock once today, do you know how good that feels?!” Our goal as planners is to make sure you are only focused on having the best day of your life thus far. The rest is on us.

Whether you think you want to hire a planner or you really aren’t sure, it never hurts to at least meet with one. You may be surprised to find out pricing or details that could sway you to hire a planner. There are too many benefits to not take advantage of the fact that many planners offer free consultations, so what do you really have to lose? If “meet with a wedding planner” isn’t the first thing on your wedding to do list, it most definitely should be.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see what exactly we have to offer and if you can or want to fit a planner into your budget. We would love the opportunity to work with you and turn your big dreams into reality.

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