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5 Tips To De-Stress Wedding Planning

We are well aware the stress a wedding can bring upon a newly engaged couple. We want to give you 5 tips on how to to de-stress your wedding planning process. Enjoy!

  1. Know Your Budget- First things first, know where your money is coming from. Who is paying for the wedding? You, your parents, or maybe a blend of everyone? It's important to understand the amount of money you have to fund this momentous occasion. Knowing the exact amount will actually drive your planning by helping to create timelines and realistic expectations of what you can and can't afford.

  2. Ask for help- If your budget allows for a planner, start reaching out to various event planners about their pricing and discuss your wedding vision. Be sure you always mesh well with your wedding planner. Everyone should have the same vision and easy-fluid conversation. If you cannot afford a planner, think back to a few weddings you've been to which you absolutely loved. Reach out to those individuals for tips and tricks on wedding planning do's and dont's.

  3. Let people help- Now that you've asked for help, let them ACTUALLY help you. So many brides feel that they need to be the one in charge and oversee every little detail. This will stress you out! Enlist your bridesmaids, sisters, aunts, friends, basically anybody who you feel understands your vision and responsible enough to take on projects.

  4. Pick a few dates- It's always good to have a few dates available in case you fall in love with a venue and the only date you provide is already taken.

  5. Most importantly, have fun! - This is a time to celebrate and enjoy the whole process. While at times it will feel stressful and people will start to annoy you, remember at the end of the day you get to marry your best friend and nothing else really matters. Just enjoy the ride and try your best to breath through the rough times.

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