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Wedding Photos - A Comprehensive List

Thanks to Mix & Bash, here is a comprehensive list of photo opportunities that should be discussed between you and your significant other. Some of these shots might not fit your wedding demographic, but at least it is a starting point for discussion. Remember to be as specific as possible when creating your own photo list with people names and what side of family they belong to. In addition, we highly recommend asking a family friend or member to help the photographer facilitate the family portraits. Make sure to connect the photographer and this person before the big day arrival via email or phone. That way all the back-end communication can be completed beforehand and each person knows exactly what to expect day-of. It is always helpful to choose a person who knows both sides of the family well. In addition, make sure to tell friends and family members who are included in the portrait list the time and the place to be for these specific photos. The more communication, the better for a successful day of wedding photography!

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