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Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

As our reader, sickness you know throwing parties is our specialty and we love when clients reach out to us to help plan baby showers (especially clients who we helped planned their wedding). Usually, we give advice on the design elements and ideas to incorporate into baby showers. But not this post! We are solely focusing on the perfect gifts for mommies-to-be. Obviously, baby showers are about celebrating and preparing for a new bundle of joy. Since the baby is the main focus, we see too many times moms not receive the proper gifts they deserve and need. We are not saying to eliminate the baby essentials, but bring an add-on gift for the mommy too! Below we listed great gift ideas for expecting mothers.

  • Babysitter Redeemer

  • Clothing Store Gift Card

  • TaskRabbit Gift Certificate

  • Drybar

  • Food Delivery

  • Peachdish

  • Blue Apron

  • Hello Fresh

  • Plated

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