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Jeans to a Wedding? Appropriate or Not?

We get it, country-rustic weddings are popular and not going away anytime soon. As can be seen on Pinterest and wedding blogs everywhere, find the trend of farmyard chic allows grooms and groomsmen to wear jeans to this very special event. Does this completely contradict the etiquette of the wedding dress code? This is an ongoing debate that is not going away any time soon. Here are our thoughts! As a wedding guest, jeans are a no no! We don’t care what color wash either, dark or light. Just because the bridal party is going with a rustic theme, doesn’t mean you mimic their appearance. Remember the golden rule, “It is always better to be overdressed, then under-dressed”. We think it’s just as important for the couple getting married to define their wedding dress code on the invitation to eliminate any questions from guests. Tell us your thoughts!

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