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Bridesmaid Duties

Have you ever been asked to be a bridesmaid and become overjoyed with honor and automatically say “yes” without thinking of all the responsibilities that come with this privileged title? Don’t worry this is most people’s reaction. But, mind before plunging straight into the wedding party it might be beneficial to think about all tasks you will be responsible for. See the chart above that list the various events you will be obligated to host or take part in. Be advised all of this takes time, ailment planning and money. If you’re not willing to carve out time for wedding duties or just don’t have time period, it is best to be honest and tell your friend upfront. It might be awkward, but everyone will be better off in the long run. Plus, I am sure the two of you can come to some kind of creative resolution where you can be involved still but not have to fully commit.

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