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5 Most Overlooked Wedding Tasks

We all know wedding planning is best for those who naturally inherit "type-A" characteristics. It is easy to miss logistics if you’re not always planning events or enjoy a good ol’ check-off list. Lucky for you, we know the most common overlooked items that individuals miss while wedding planning.

1. Backup playlist- Great the DJ has all the music, no need to worry. Not! So what happens if the internet is down and the DJ isn’t prepared? Make sure the important songs for the ceremony and reception are downloaded onto MP3 players or a Spotify list that you can play offline. Trust us, things happen.

2. Grand exit logistics- Sparklers, human tunnels, confetti poppers, no matter what the exit strategy is there needs to be a plan in tact. Who is moving guests to the appropriate areas? Who is handing out any items needed for the exit? These may seems like simple questions, but a lot of time overlooked and not discussed, which causes bad photographs and unhappy couples.

3. Rentals for vendors- Some vendors might need tables or rental items for their equipment which might be the couples responsible to order. Make sure to read contracts and confirm any vendor rental orders in advance so you’re not scrambling a week before the wedding to find these items.

4. Announcements to be made- Many times couples hire disk jockeys who just play music and not in charge of formal announcements that are to be made throughout the evening. Make sure during your initial meeting responsibilities are clear, especially if this disk jockey is a family friend doing you a favor.

5. Couple's belongings- Where are the gifts going? Will the couple be taking any left over food to their destination after the wedding? Who is getting these items together? Who is gathering the couple's bags to make sure it’s in the appropriate place after the reception? If these tasks are given to reliable friends/family members, make sure you give them a list and directions on where items are supposed to go.

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