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How to Throw A Quick Bridal Shower

One day, you might find yourself in the situation where your closest friend or family member decides to get married in a short amount of time. By short-time period, we mean 6 weeks or less! This gives you no time to prepare for the elaborate party you had always envisioned. Instead, your scrambling for a guest list and many other details that are involved when hosting a bridal shower. We put together 6 tips that will help alleviate some stress and get you ready for this spontaneous event.

1. Find a venue– This might be the most difficult task due to short notice. Many times venues are booked for these types of events in advanced leaving limited options. We suggest brainstorming friends or family homes that you can utilize for the day. Make sure their home has a open floor plan or large backyard for guests to mingle throughout the event. If nobody’s home is available and it’s suppose to be nice weather, locate nearby parks that have coverings in case of unexpected rain or the need for shade.

2. Send an Evite– Forget the formal invite, there is no time! Send an Evite with the event information and consider yourself Eco-friendly! If you inviting older guests without email, contact those individual by phone.

3. Pick a simple-popular theme – Usually when throwing a wedding-related party you can search websites such as Pinterest for trendy themes that keep popping-up while searching. Most of the time, products used to create these popular themes will be available in many party or craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or JoAnne.

4. Borrow from friends & family- Borrow whatever items you can that coordinate with your theme. There isn’t time to order online unless you want to pay for express shipping which can be very costly. Talk to your closest friends and family members to see what type of items they may have available to borrow such as tablecloths, food platters, pitchers or anything else you may need.

5. Pick a food theme– Do a simple food theme that the brides loves. For example, a bride’s favorite type if food maybe Mexican. If so, make this bridal shower food a fiesta with mini burritos, salsa, rice and beans. However, make sure to serve any food theme in a classy way with nice serving platters that match the shower decor.

6. Divide and concur- You’re going to need all help you can get! There is no way all the party details can be completed by yourself in a short span of time. Therefore, enlist people who can easily take orders, reliable, efficient and have great party planning skills.

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