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Tips for Booking Vendors Within Budget

Ever find yourself wanting to book certain vendors for your event, but budget doesn’t seem large enough? Well let’s face it, this is many people’s issue with planning events. The most important element of planning any event is first knowing your budget and prioritizing your vendors. Once you have this information, you must know how to allocate your money. If you’re wanting a videographer along with a photographer, know the price ranges of both these vendors in your area. Do not just go with your emotional connection to an artist and book them right away. Remember there are tons of vendors available and in order to get a great deal, you must do research. Also, it’s important to constantly do some digging and get creative. Our suggestion with a tight or smaller budget is to get local. Check out surrounding colleges and clubs to see if any up and coming photographers or bands are available for an affordable price. Also, go straight to your social media and ask your followers if they have any recommendations for affordable vendors. Referrals are always great! Trust us, it is possible to have all the vendors you want within budget, but remember it takes time and dedication to the search in order to make it happen!

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