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How to Prepare a Maid of Honor or Best Man Speech

I have worked and attended many weddings over the years which gives me the ability to instantly know if the best man or maid of honor speech will be epic or disastrous. Follow my wedding speech tips below so you’ll be fully prepared for an crowd-pleasing toast!

The Do’s:

  • Do Prepare- The whole “winging it” theory doesn’t work for the majority of people so I highly suggest you prepare well in advance by watching YouTube videos and reading blogs.

  • Do Practice, there Practice and Practice Again- Rehearse in front of a variety of friends and family members a few times to release your public speaking jitters and ask for constructive criticism.

  • Do Edit- From your practice sessions, click edit parts of the speech that don’t feel natural when speaking.

  • Do Add Humor- Every successful speech adds a little bit of humor. It keeps the crowd engaged and eliminates potential zoning.

  • Do Add Personal Touch- Incorporate a very short story or memory that you shared with the couple that illustrates why they’re great for each other.

  • Do Include a Thank You- Thank the bride and groom for allowing you to be apart of their special day.


  • Don’t Get Too Personal or Inappropriate-Remember that not everybody attending the wedding knows your inside stories and jokes with either the bride and/or groom. Also, nobody wants to hear about the couples prior dating life so keep it out of the speech.

  • Don’t Drink Too Much Before The Speech- Conducting a sloppy speech just makes you look classless.

  • Don’t Talk More Than 5 Mins- If your speech is longer than 5 mins you’ll lose the guest’s attention and might even get off track.

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