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Questions to Ask a Disk Jockey

Finding a disc jockey can be difficult! A DJ can either break or make an event. It is important to be thorough in your research and ask all the necessary questions in order to feel comfortable booking the company for your big event. Before calling your prospective DJ, buy viagra be sure to do research on vendor recommendation websites and YELP to read about other couples experience with each DJ vendor.

Here are the top 5 questions to ask your DJ:

1. How Many Events Have You Preformed?

Your DJ should be experienced in performing for many events and have examples of their work for you to view. Sometimes, DJ’s will allow potential clients to attend an upcoming event where they are performing to get an overall feeling of their disc jockey style. If they have only performed at a few events, don’t be surprised by their inexperience and disastrous MC skills.

2. How Do You Customize The Music For Each Event?

It is important to see what type of music the potential DJ has in his/her music library and see if they are willing to download whatever music you are wanting for your event. Most disc jockey’s come prepared for consultations with a document asking questions about the couples music preference and present the do not play list.

3. How Do You Keep The Crowd Entertained?

The worst thing that can happen at an event is nobody dancing or having a good time. It is the DJ’s job to keep the event moving on time and playing upbeat songs to get the crowd dancing. If these two requirements are not fulfilled then the company needs to be properly reviewed on his/her website. Sometimes, disc jockey’s have ideas on how to keep a crowd entertained by playing games. If this is not your event style, be sure to explain to the DJ that you don’t want this type of entertainment. The more open and truthful you are with the DJ the better reception you will have.

4. How Do You Handle Song Requests?

Some DJ’s don’t let guests give song requests during the event. If this happens at your event be prepared for upset guests. Guests enjoy the opportunity to request songs and hear them being played while on the dance floor. It is always best to find a DJ that has a large music library but also able to download on the spot if necessary. However, if guests request a song on the DO NOT PLAY LIST, then it should be politely stated to the guests that they are not allowed to play the requested song.

5. Have You Ever Played At Our Venue?

It is always better to have a DJ that has played at your venue. They know the layout and where all the plug-ins are located. They are experienced in this location and you will spend less time having to go through the procedures and layout with him or her. I suggest always consulting the venue first about the disc jockey they recommend because they always know who does the best work at their location. If you want a DJ that has never played at your event location, it is important to have a walk through with the company before hiring them. This way you can all be on the same page and the company knows if they need to have multiple setups for the event and any additional costs that may occur.

The most important part about finding a DJ is getting a personality match. If they come across cheesy on the phone or in your consultation, then they will come across the same way at the event. It is important to get along with your DJ and find one who has all the elements you are searching for. Again, it is crucial to find a DJ who can make your event flow and come across entertaining while keeping a professional demeanor.

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