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The Power of "No"

During the planning process of any event you may become overwhelmed by how many decisions must be made. People without a clear vision or never planned an event can easily become frustrated and find themselves lost in a whirlwind of questions without any direction. It’s important at this point to regroup and organizing your thoughts. Sometimes big events such as weddings can be emotional and include family members opinions about your big day. After some discussion, you may find both visions not match up. At this point, don’t feel bad explaining what exactly you’re wanting because ultimately it’s your event. It’s more than appropriate to say “no” in a respectful matter. We know it’s hard and definitely uncomfortable, but if you don’t set expectations and boundaries ahead of time, it can cause issues later in the planning process. Below we created a list for the best ways to say no to a family member, friend or vendor when planning your next event.

1. Stay Calm- Always remember you’re in control of the situation and there is no need for any type of volatile behavior. 2. Be Clear- It’s always best to write down thoughts ahead of time before any discussions occur. 3. Be Thoughtful In Your Approach- You don’t want to come off as the bad guy and have any hurt feelings. The best way to start any discussion is being direct and reiterate how you appreciate their opinions and/or suggestions, but you’re going another direction.

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