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Top 10 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding dress shopping is a day most girls dream about. You want this day to be pure perfection. You want the experience you’ve waited years for since playing dress up as a little girl. We get it! But, sick we also know reality and hear horror stories from women who didn’t follow the simple tips provide below that we share with all our brides prior to heading into the sea of white.

  1. Make an appointment.

  2. Bring Proper Attire- Have on hand a strapless bra and your favorite pair of Spanxs. You may not need them, but it’s always worth bringing just in case. Also, bring a pair of shoes with a heel length you will most likely be wearing the day of your wedding.

  3. Be Open Minded-It’s important to do research before your appointment of the different type of dress silhouettes, fabrics and designers you are drawn too. However, being open-minded to try on different types of dresses will most likely surprise you. It’s important to trust the professional who works with these dresses daily and understands body types and what may look amazing on you.

  4. Primp Beforehand- Arrive to the appointment looking your very best. Showing up feeling confident and beautiful, will make wedding dress shopping easy breezy.

  5. Stay On Budget- Trust us everyone falls in love with a $10,000 dress! There is a reason it’s $10,000. But it’s important to stay within reality and on budget. It’s not worth the pain of falling in love with a dress and being disappointed when you can’t take it home. Just don’t do it!

  6. Bring 2-3 supportive people- Bringing a large entourage will just overwhelm you. By having 2-3 calm and supportive individuals will make things run smoothly and enjoyable. Too many opinions will leave you overwhelmed and not make good decisions based on what you feel.

  7. Bust A Move- You’ll be in that dress for hours! Therefore, sit, jump, and dance around to see if this dress is going to be comfortable enough to last all night long.

  8. Take Photos- The top contenders may look awesome in person, but photograph terribly. This tip is great if trying eliminate some dress choices.

  9. Trust Your Instincts- You’ll know what dress is best for you! You may not be the one who cries and “gets that feeling” but trust us you won’t want to take that dress off!

  10. Forget About The Size- Many designers don’t have the same type of sizing. You may be a size 2 in one dress designer and size 6 in another designer. Also, take in consideration that most dresses are sample sizes. Therefore, you may not fit in some samples or they have to insert a expandable piece to get you into the dress. Don’t freak out! Move on to the next dress and realize you’re beautiful no matter what a tag says.

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