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Venue Shopping - Must Ask Questions!

Booking your venue can be the most exciting part about planning a wedding. There are so many places to consider that your head might be spinning after a day of touring them all! Have no fear, thanks to our personal expertise, along with Wedgewood Weddings & Here Comes The Guide, we have provided a very basic list of questions you should be asking every venue you tour.

  • Who will be helping me through the planning process? Who will be managing the details on the day of my wedding?

  • Can I use my own outside vendors? What are the limitations? Do you have preferred vendors?

  • Will you coordinate with vendors or do I need to manage vendors on my own?

  • If there weather is not satisfactory, is there a secondary option?

  • What is included in the set up? Chairs, tables, linens, etc.

  • How much time do we have to set up?

  • Who will manage setting up and tear down of my décor?

  • Do you have photography packages and/or photo booth?

  • Do you have music restrictions?

  • Do you have décor restrictions?

  • Do you have food restrictions?

  • Do you have venue restrictions?

  • Do you have minimums?

  • Are there other events going on that day?

  • Will there be parking available for all of my guests?

  • Will guests be instructed on where to go?

  • What is the cost difference between on-season and off-season and morning versus evening weddings?

  • What time do my guests need to exit the property? Is there a fee for staying later?

  • Is there security?

  • What are the payment terms?

  • Will you help me to stay within my budget?

  • What dates are available in the months I am looking for?

  • How many people can this venue accommodate?

  • What is the cancellation policy?

  • Is there a bridal room?

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