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Winter Wedding Ideas

As the new year has settled in and the holidays have calmed down, planning a wedding might just be what's on your mind now! Being based in Arizona, we've been extremely lucky to have a very mild winter. Just last week we were in the low 70's!

Most people have in mind a certain month they want to get married in because of the weather, however, we're here to show you how beautiful & elegant a winter wedding can be!

See below for some of our favorite winter wedding looks!

Tent Ceremony

Sometimes, thinking about your wedding being under a tent outside instead of out in the open can be a drag. However, these wedding ceremony sites are here to prove you wrong! We are loving the décor!

Hot Chocolate Bars

We are in love with this idea as a way to warm your guests up! Not only does it serve as a way to get something warm into your guests system, but who doesn't love a delicious cup of hot chocolate?! This is guaranteed to be a wedding hit!

Blankets for your guests

Another super cute winter wedding trend to keep your guests warm that we love is supplying blankets. Paired with a cute sign like this one, your guests will be thanking you all night long! While they celebrate your love for one another, make sure they stay warm.

Invites with a Winter Touch

How fabulous are these invitations that really accentuate the beauty of winter?!

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