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Do Your Bridesmaids Dresses Have to Match?

In a classic cookie cutter wedding, the bridesmaids typically have the exact same dress. Not all bridesmaids have the same body type, so which dress do you choose? The dress that flatters the majority of the girls or maybe just any ol' dress that the bride picks?

There are so many things that could go wrong with randomly picking a dress for your bridesmaids to wear. Short or tall, skinny or wide; different dress styles don't look the same on different body types. If too many problems arise from just picking one dress for all of your bridesmaids then why use the same one for everyone?

Your bridesmaids DON'T have to have the same exact dress. As long as the colors of the dresses coordinate, everyone will still look uniform. Below are some ideas on how to coordinate the bridesmaids dresses.

Let us know your ideas on how to coordinate the bridesmaid dresses...comment below!! :)

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