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Congratulations on your engagement! Now what?

At Amy Mancuso Events, we are so excited for your engagement and know how special this time in your life is. You’re probably feeling all the feels right now – excitement, happiness and perhaps a bit overwhelmed about what you do next. It’s true, a lot goes into planning a wedding, which is why we are here to help. Here are the top steps engagement couples should take before walking down the aisle.

Step 1: Relish in the moment

First things first, celebrate this moment! Tell your family, your friends and your social media followers the good news. Your inner circle is going to be so happy for you. Before you start choosing a wedding date, simply sit back and feel the love from those who mean the most to you.

Step 2: Hire a Wedding Planner

This isn’t a shameless plug, this is the truth. A good wedding planner will help you navigate every detail of your dream day so you can enjoy the engagement process without any additional stress. At Amy Mancuso Events, we work with our bridal couples to determine a budget, timeline, location, design vision and we help them secure trusted vendors. If all you have to think about is who to invite, we promise you, you will love the wedding planning process as much as the day itself.

Step 3: Put a Ring on It

It’s time to pick out your wedding bands. Depending on the length of your engagement, you will want to choose your wedding bands in advance so you have time to have them properly sized and perhaps custom made. Also, we recommend getting ring insurance at this time.

Step 4: Choose Your Wedding Party

Are you having a large wedding party or an intimate affair? Whatever you choose, now is a good time to invite your closest family and friends to be by your side. We can provide our clients with great ideas and creative ways to invite their wedding party to the big day.

Step 5: It’s Time to Find a Dress

Or dresses for that matter. Some of our brides are choosing not one, but two or three looks for their wedding day. From a beautiful white wedding gown that she’ll recite her vows in to a cocktail party dress and perhaps and after-party outfit, we help our bridal couples in Arizona find designer dresses and boutique wedding shops that will make purchasing the dress an experience she won’t forget.

Step 6: Set a Date and Let the Planning Commence

Now the fun really beings. With over 20 years of experience dreaming up exceptional weddings and events, we work with our bridal couples to make their wedding day a one-of-a-kind event. Your love story is unlike any other and at Amy Mancuso Events, we will work side by side to ensure your wedding day is nothing short of spectacular. Contact us anytime to inquire more.

But first, pop the champagne and let’s make a toast to you. Cheers!




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