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How to decline an invitation your already RSVP'd too

Ever wanted or needed to back out of an event you already RSVP'd to? Listen we've all been there for good or bad reasons. We're here to help you backpedal your invite in an honorable way so that you don't put a bad taste in the hosts mouth and continue to be invited to future events. 1. Timing is key- Cancelling the day or hour before an event is the worst, especially for a wedding. If you know that your presence will be wanted and needed, be sure to give an excuse at least 72 hours in advance for causal events and at least 2 weeks for formal events that require headcount for plated meals. That way the host can still accommodate for your absence and have the possibility to not lose money. 2. Don't use social media to decline- Make sure you do the right thing at least give the host a phone call to explain why you're not attending the event and offer a time to reconnect soon to hear all about the grand event. 3. Send a kind gesture- This is a tip for those skipping out on weddings and bigger events. Send the host flowers or a nice gift the day-of to let them know you're thinking of them from afar. 4. Offer help- Do you have any capacity to help prior to the event? Yes. Then ask the host if you can do anything in advance to help prep for the party. The host will probably say no and deny your help but at least you've offered and will appreciate the effort. 5. Don't get caught in a lie- Nobody likes to be lied to so don't even consider giving your friend or family member a lame excuse on why you're not attending. It will help all parties involved. Oh and if you decide to decline our lying advice, stay off your phone and out of pictures that could possibly appear on social media feeds where you could caught!

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