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A Glace Into 2016 Wedding Trends

New year, and new trends. We want to kickoff 2016 by giving our readers the inside scoop of what you should expect to see in the bridal scene. Below list the Top 5 Bridal Trends for 2016.

  1. Wedding Separates – Brides are opting for two-piece ensembles to have a more customized look and some even show midriff!

  2. After Parties – The party doesn’t stop ’til…. who knows? Couples are now planning after parties for those guests to what to celebrate all night long!

  3. Loose Floral Arrangements – Floral arrangements will continue to have a free-form appearance to give that droopy, whimsical feel all brides seek.

  4. On Demand Service – Photographers and videographers are quickly turning around sneak peek photos or short mini-video clips within hours to the next day as teasers for the couple and their family members/friends of what’s to come.

  5. Bold Colors – Blush and neutral palettes will always be popular among brides with subtle taste, but this year there will be more rich, bold colors used than ever before. Think deep jewel tones with a blend of metals.

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