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How to Host a Kentucky Derby Party

The Kentucky Derby big race is this Saturday! It’s not to late to invite all your closest friends over for a derby-filled day. We want to share simple tips on how to successfully throw a derby day bash.

1. Dress Code: Keep It Classy- It is common knowledge that Churchill Downs Racetrack is filled with classy fashion for this sophisticated sporting event. It is your responsibility to make sure guests arrive in their Sunday best showcasing sun dresses, sale linen suits and don’t forget the bow ties!

2. Signature Cocktail: Mint Juleps should be the only cocktails needed for this event. Click here for a delicious recipe! Don’t forget the pewter cup!

3. Food: Kentucky is known for bourbon. So why not make bourbon-based foods in honor of its native roots? There are a multitude of recipes online that showcase bourbon as a key ingredient. Try adding to your baked goods for a moist texture or blend into to your meat marinade for added flavor.

4. Equestrian Decorations: Have fun getting creative and adding equestrian elements throughout your home. Click here for a fun tutorial on how to spray paint horse figurines for centerpieces,case favors or table décor.

5. Show Stopping Hats: Unique and over-the-top wide brim hats are the signature fashion statement for the Kentucky Derby. Your party shouldn’t be any different. Ask friends to coordinate a hat to match their outfit and conduct a derby fashion show.

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