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Ways to get Bridesmaids Involved in Wedding Planning

Including bridesmaids into your wedding is a tradition that even the most unconventional bride still follows in today’s modern times. However, look bridesmaids can create more drama and just become a nuisance if you don’t set expectations from the beginning. Now, we are not saying become one of those demanding brides and start shouting orders around. No bridezillas wanted! Instead, sit down alone and think about how involved you want your bridesmaids in making decisions and how to get them excited to participate. Bridesmaids are not mind readers and don’t know what you want from them during this special planning unless told explicitly. Therefore, you must be direct and ask for help (politely) when needed. Below are a few fun ideas and activities to get your Bridesmaids involved from the very start.

  1. Start a Facebook group to post events and questions

  2. Share Pinterest board to pin ideas and inspiration

  3. Ask bridesmaids to come over for invite stuffing party

  4. Signature cocktail tasting

  5. Dress and accessories shopping

  6. Pre-registry get-together

  7. Craft and cocktail brunch

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