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Affordable Photo Booth Alternatives

Really wanting a photobooth at your event, ask but can’t afford one? Easy! We can help you fix that problem. We listed two options below that might help make your photobooth blue goes away. Both are cost-friendly options and will for sure be a hit at your next party. Don’t forget to scavenge for great props for fun impromptu photo opportunities!

Option 1: Click here for a simple DIY photobooth tutorial. The minimum tools you’ll need is a camera, unhealthy remote shutter release and a unique backdrop. Have guests snap pictures themselves. After the wedding, upload photos and send out to your family and friends.

Option 2: Don’t own a traditional camera, but have a smartphone (who doesn’t)? Great! Create a customized Instagram hashtag and have guests start snapping away! After the wedding, print photos using websites such as Polargram and share with all your guests via social media or email.

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