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Spring's in the Air

Spring is the new thing!

With this season quickly approaching, it is time to get ready for pastel colors, and warm breezy weather. It is always nice to explore new colors when choosing your beautiful bouquet. No detail can be over looked when looking for the best option for you! Thinking of a specific theme? Dress up your bridesmaids! Their dresses could range anywhere to pastel pinks, Perry Winkle blues, or Lilac purples! Don't be afraid to dress everything up with lots of flowers! Everything is blooming this time of year, and so should you! When it comes to dessert, berry wedding cakes are a delicious delicate you could indulge your guests in.


Photography by: Steph Wahlig | Event by: Amy Mancuso

Photography by: Rachel Solomon

We love the details of these shoes! With it being a soft, creme color, this pair of heels would pair perfectly with any outfit! The golden studs really add some spunk.

Soft, tossed curls is a classic go-to-bridal hairstyle. Whether you want to keep them styled up or down, this is a great style for any bride!

We hope you will chose Amy Mancuso Events to plan your next special day!

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