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Rustic & Vintage Wedding Inspiration

Trying to keep up with the latest trends for your wedding can be difficult. There are too many different themes to choose from which can add extra stress to your plate. One theme that you can't go wrong with is a "rustic and vintage" style. There are endless possibilities and designs that you are able to make your own with this particular style. Variations of this theme includes anything from "rustic-country" to "rustic-chic" styles. The use of repurposed natural wood can be eco-friendly and set a warm, comfort-filled tone at the event. Some alternative ways to make your wedding feel vintage is to actually incorporate items such as that old wedding dress that has been passed down in the family. History always seems to repeat itself in fashion trends, so you never know what you might find in your grandmothers closet!

The links below give a few more tips and ideas for a "rustic and vintage" wedding.

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